Love is Created Project

Three month photography program for girls in rehabilitation from sex trafficking situations.

Empowering Survivors through Photography Read

Love Is Created Project

Art and Justice League partnered with Hope for Justice's Shine Career School to provide the following programs:


Digital Photography

Basic Digital Photography Project

Teaching basic photography skills to 19 girls. Instruction on camera operation and Adobe Photoshop.


Media Communication

Graphic Design

Teaching foundations of graphic design. Girls learning how to make business cards, and other maketable skills.

Being creative is empowering process.

Project Goals

Chey and camera

Providing Her with the Best Tools

Each girl was provided with a digital camera, computer and the latest copy of adobe photoshop. They had all the tools to let their creativity soar.

Student heart

Nurturing Her Dreams

We wanted to see girls reawaken the dreams that were inhibited through injustice. Or even new dreams be birthed. We wanted to see girls released to dream again.

Student with camera

Fueling Her Creativity

Whether it's through the medium of photography or not, we hoped to identify and celebrate each girl's unique, creative perspective and contributions.

Chey and student

Valuing Her Identity

We believe everyone was born to create something beautiful. In the midst of rehabilation, we wanted to celebrate each girl's uniquess and their beauty.

Student learning camera

Equipping Her with Creative Skills

General camera and photoshop operating skills was on the roster for all girls, as well as special, in-depth training for few girls hoping to pursue a career.

Student taking picture

Awakening Her Confidence

True confidence arises when a girl believes she is beautiful and worthy, when that occurs her confidence will awaken. We hoped to help girls discover this truth in some small ways.

3 month of basic photography and photoshop training, 22 cameras, 12 desktops, 4 laptops. Read

About Our Partner

Hope For Justice Cambodia

"We believe every girl is capable of achieving her dreams with the right support and encouragement. At the Hope for Justice Shine Career School we don’t allow girls to settle for what society has told them they are capable of – like sewing and handy-crafts. We know they can do so much more.

At the Hope for Justice Shine Career School we don’t allow girls to settle for what society has told them they are capable of – like sewing and handy-crafts. We know they can do so much more.

Every girl in our program studies Khmer, English, math, science, and computer technology and then goes on to find her dream.

We arrange training for rescued girls in any career field they choose and act to overcome the gap in training choices by making sure that wherever they go for training provides a high quality learning environment.

At Shine we also offer intensive high school tutoring, where girls can catch up on their education, go on to receive their diploma and then attend University if they choose. We also assist graduates in job placement or business start-up. Shine mirrors all other parts of our program model by being fully social work-focused and trauma-informed. Our specialist staff is working toward healthy reintegration into Cambodian society for each girl and seeking to empower her through education and life skills training."

- Hope for Justice Cambodia

"We have been anticipating Art and Justice's involvement in our Hope for Justice Cambodia program for some time. We had heard wonderful things and we were not disappointed. Chey and Anthony did incredible work with our clients in both our residential treatment program and our short-term crisis assessment center. Art and Justice were professional, sensitive to working with vulnerable populations, and had a real heart and passion for the projects they did while in Cambodia. The projects were tailored for our clients and helped them to reflect, learn, and express themselves in new ways that work toward healing and wholeness. I would happily work with them again, but even more so, recommend having them work with your organization in using art, photography, and other mediums as an exploration of the human soul."

James Pond, MA, Director of Survivor  Care

Photo by Hope for Justice